Adventurous Mangistau

Adventurous Mangistau Tour takes place in the Southwestern part of Kazakhstan, on the shore of the World's only inland sea - the Caspian sea. It is a land of ancient civilization,
4 days
April to October

Alien landscapes of Mangistau with one of a kind Salty Hollow of Karyn Zharyk

During this tour you will cross c.1800 km, this is one of the most challenging as well as one of the most adventurous tours! The wondrous region of Mangistau seemingly
5 days
March to November

Mystical Altai and Wonders of Taiga of Eastern Kazakhstan

Far in East, at the foot of regal Altai mountains exists a hidden gem of culture and history. A small village called Poperechnoye froze in time offering an opportunity to
4 days
May to October

Altyn-Emel national park – Charyn canyon – Kaiyndy lake tour

Altyn-Emel national park Altyn-Emel is a national natural park located in the Ili River Valley. At first, the Park was founded to preserve a unique natural complex with archaeological, historical

Stargazing and trekking 3 days tour on Kolsai and Kaiyndy lakes

Almaty – Kolsai  and Kaiyndy lakes – Almaty South Kazakhstan is indescribably beautiful. We offer you a three-day trekking tour of the picturesque lakes. Kaiyndy lake In 1911, on January 4,

Discovering unusual nature of Almaty region

Discovering unusual nature of Almaty region Almaty region is located in the southeastern part of Kazakhstan. In the Kazakh language, Zhetysu means seven rivers. Kazakh poets were inspired by this
6 days


Birdwatching Duration 22 days / 23 nights Season May 20-June 20, September 15-0ctober 15
22 days
May to September

Pure nature of Altyn Emel

Pure nature of Altyn Emel During Altyn Emel tour you are going to be inspired by a variety of Kazakhstan national heritage of local nature. There are majestic canyons, atmospheric dunes,
2 days
Whole year
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