Astana Walking Tour

Astana Walking tour along “Millennium axis” Astana walking tour will surprise you with its record holders: the tallest buildings in Central Asia; the most intricate forms; the most amazing architectural
3 hours
Whole year

Highlights of Almaty

Highlights of Almaty Almaty city history closely intertwines with modernity, the noise of a megacity and quiet outskirts with astonishing nature. The place, where business city becomes the center of
4 hours
Whole year

Adventurous Trip along the Ili

Adventurous Trip along the Ili During the tour you are going to participate in a boat trip along the Ili river. Moreover, your small adventure will be full of historical
1 day
April to June, Sep to Nov

Legends of Borovoe nature reserve

Legends of Borovoe nature park One day trip to Borovoe will open for you a peaceful land of 14 crystal clear lakes surrounded by pinewood. Borovoe nature park or as
1 day
Whole year

Adventurous Mangistau

Adventurous Mangistau Tour takes place in the Southwestern part of Kazakhstan, on the shore of the World's only inland sea - the Caspian sea. It is a land of ancient civilization,
4 days
April to October
Otrar and Turkestan whole day tour

Otrar and Turkestan whole day tour

Otrar and Turkestan whole day tour Otrar and Turkestan whole day tour takes place in several oldest historical sites of Central Asia. City Otrar is the birth place of medieval philosopher
1 day
March to November

The Silk road tour of Kazakhstan

The Silk Road tour of Kazakhstan The Silk Road tour of Kazakhstan covers several oldest historical cities – Otrar, Turkestan and Shymkent. The tour lasts for 2 days. First of
2 days
April till October
charyn canyon

Charyn canyon – Kolsai and Kaiyndy lakes tour

Charyn canyon Charyn Canyon which is considered to be the largest canyon in the world after the famous Colorado one in America. The first time driving up to the canyon,

Altyn-Emel national park – Charyn canyon – Kaiyndy lake tour

Altyn-Emel national park Altyn-Emel is a national natural park located in the Ili River Valley. At first, the Park was founded to preserve a unique natural complex with archaeological, historical

The splendor of nature: Sayram-Ugam national park and Aksu canyon

Sayram-Ugam National park Sayram-Ugam National park is located 70 km from Shymkent. The park is a part of the Western Tian-Shan mountain system. Also, it is included in the list of

Trekking in Aksu-Zhabagly nature reserve

All the beauties of Kazakhstan in one reserve. Aksu-Zhabagly nature reserve Aksu-Zhabagly nature reserve - is the oldest and most famous nature reserve in Central Asia. Year of the establishment

Stargazing and trekking 3 days tour on Kolsai and Kaiyndy lakes

Almaty – Kolsai  and Kaiyndy lakes – Almaty South Kazakhstan is indescribably beautiful. We offer you a three-day trekking tour of the picturesque lakes. Kaiyndy lake In 1911, on January 4,