Our purpose is to open beauty of Kazakhstan to the whole world

That is why we have become professionals of the tourist business. Kazakh hospitality was, is, and will be the main value of Turan Asia. Each tourist is our guest. Established on February 05, 1994 TURAN ASIA LLP is known as one of the leaders of Kazakhstan’s tourist business. The Company has been taking care of development of the tourist potential of Kazakhstan for over 20 years and opens new countries for its citizens. Based on its wide experience and extensive partnership contacts in all countries of the world, Turan Asia is ready to perform all tasks on provision of rest, travel management and MICE with guarantee of excellent results

Our MICE events

Our first Mice event was in 1998 where were organizing events for Japanese football team, more specifically we were basically responsible for everything: reception of sponsors, TV journalist and Japanese fans.

The same year the Company for the first time received a tourist train from Europe for the Silk Road Route: Kazakhstan-Central Asia. Since then over 10,000 tourists has been hosted by us on this route.

Since 2000 our Mice department has been firmly established. We have organized Mice events in Kazakhstan for Retro rally car participants with a crew of over 200 people, outbound Mice events in Hannover, Frankfurt, Tokyo, London and exotic destination as Mauritus.

Since 2008 The Company started focusing on inbound MICE events for corporate clients and international organizations serving over 200 companies.

The largest MICE events were organized for Russian giant Oil Company Lukoil,  Tork-international, Berlin-Chemie, Menarni with 255 participants, giant Russian oil Company Gazprom. We are proud that each year since 2015 we have been organizing and fully supervising group of participants under “Adoptive family travel”. This is the project where we are supposed to organize a meeting of adoptive children that came from USA with their biological parents in almost each city of Kazakhstan. Сhildren are also getting acquainted with traditions of Kazakhstan.

We are especially proud that we were chosen as  MICE organizers for events in Kazakhstan for YPO (Young Presidents Organization). Firsts Mice event that we hosted for YPO India was in 2015, next was in 2016 for YPO Kazakhstan and the largest MICE events that we hosted was for YPO USA with more than 130 participants in 2017 during the EXPO event in Kazakhstan.

During the EXPO Kazakhstan besides MICE events for YPO we were also responsible for organizing for the service of Netherlands pavilion and hosted an unusual event for the group of tourists with a from Netherlands on Baikonur space launch site. It was for the first time in Kazakhstan history that especially for cosmonaut from Netherland were assembled Kazakhi yurts on cosmodrome’s territory.

The last MICE event that was hosted by Turan-Asia was for a Belgium company in 2019 just before the Covid..

With this timeline of events described above we want to show our expertise in customizing any MICE event, tour. Our team with more than 20 years of experience, vast database has been assisting and conducting successful tailor-made events.

Our key advantages:

Reliability – checked by the time

Professionalism – personal manager and individual approach

Optimization – always the best prices and quality

Services and support – any time and any country

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