Alien landscapes of Mangistau with Karyn Zharyk hollow

Alien landscapes of Mangistau with Karyn Zharyk hollow Alien landscapes of Mangistau with Karyn Zharyk hollow is a tour where you will cross c.1800 km, this is one of the
5 days
March to November

Mystical Altai and Wonders of Taiga of Eastern Kazakhstan

Far in East, at the foot of regal Altai mountains exists a hidden gem of culture and history. A small village called Poperechnoye froze in time offering an opportunity to
4 days
May to October

The splendor of nature: Sayram-Ugam national park and Aksu canyon

Sayram-Ugam National park Sayram-Ugam National park is located 70 km from Shymkent. The park is a part of the Western Tian-Shan mountain system. Also, it is included in the list of

Golden ring of Altai region

Golden ring of Altai region First of all, Altai region is the only place in Kazakhstan that conjures up a similar amount of heart-felt emotion and undisguised romanticism.  In terms
8 days
June to September

Wonder of Western Altai Nature Reserve

Wonder of Western Altai Nature Reserve Eastern part of Kazakhstan is another unique place with spectacular nature. It has captivating history and local culture. During the wonder of western Altai
3 days
June to September

Agrotour in Central Kazakhstan

Agrotour in Central Kazakhstan Agro firm Rodina At first, the Agrotour in Central Kazakhstan starts with visiting Agro firm Rodina. It is located 80 km far from Astana city. This
8 days
June to September

Golden ring of Zhetysu

Golden ring of Zhetysu At first, Golden ring of Zhetysu tour starts with a visit to Big Almaty Lake. Big Almaty Lake is located in the gorge of river Big
7 days
April to June

Adventurous Mangistau

Adventurous Mangistau Tour takes place in the Southwestern part of Kazakhstan, on the shore of the World's only inland sea - the Caspian sea. It is a land of ancient civilization,
4 days
April to October

Silk road cities and Aksu-Zhabagly

Silk road cities of Kazakhstan and UNESCO biosphere reserve – Aksu-Zhabagly The Great Silk Road played a major role in the development of economic and cultural relations of the peoples
6 days
May to October

Soviet heritage of Karaganda

Soviet heritage of Karaganda Karaganda is one of the biggest cities of Kazakhstan. It is the city of coal,  where coal mining and the production of coal-mining machinery still dominates
1 day
Whole year