Sayram-Ugam National park

Sayram-Ugam National park is located 70 km from Shymkent. The park is a part of the Western Tian-Shan mountain system. Also, it is included in the list of the UNESCO of World heritage sites. Therefore, Sayram-Ugam is full of wild gorges and canyons, mountain lakes and rivers, peaks and glaciers. If you are lucky, you can meet there on the wild paths snow leopard, bear, mountain goats and gazelles, a lot of very rare and endangered birds and amphibians.

Most noteworthy – breathtaking landscapes, the availability of different trekking and horseriding options and relatively easy access makes this area a popular destination not only among locals but also foreign guests.

Similarly, Aksu canyon, which is part of the Aksu-Zhabagly nature reserve, is one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan. Because it is carved by the mighty river of the same name, is one the deepest canyons in Central Asia. Hence its depth fluctuates between 300m to 500 meters the length of the canyon is 30 km.

In this national park, there are many different routes, but the most colorful is the area around the foothills of peak Sayram-SuPeak Sayram-Su in the Ugam Range which relates to the system of the South-Western Tien-Shan, is the highest peak in the territory of Kazakhstan.  Mountain forests regulate water flow, enrich the air with oxygen and phytoncides. They protect against rain and spring floods, slow the melting of snows.


Price includes: 

  • Transfer ShimkentNational Park Sayram-Ugam – Aksu Zhabagly National reserve – Shymkent
  • English speaking guide
  • Accommodation in a guest house for 1 night
    2-day Jeep tour
    Meals: Day 1 – lunch and dinner. Day 2 breakfast and lunch
  • All environmental and admission fees during the tour
  • Drinking water 1L per person per day

Not included:

  • Domestic flight tickets or  train tickets
  • Visa support and registration on the territory of Kazakhstan, if required
  • All personal and other expenses
  • Soft and alcoholic drinks, snacks
  • Rent personal clothes, shoes
  • Telephone calls, personal expenses
  • Horseback excursion – 70 USD per person. You can see all the places on the tour on a horse with our guide

Day 1

Shymkent – Lenger- Sayram Ugam state national park (horseriding/trekking)

From Lenger we drive by car to the cordon, which serves as a border of entrance to the Sairam-Ugam national park. After registering at the cordon, we drive another 10 minutes and enter Sairam-Ugam national park. Here starts our 8 km trek to the picturesque area around the foothills of peak Sauryam su. During the route we will pass through the beautiful and clear river Sazan-ata leaving peak Sayram-Su on the right bank of the river.  

After two hours of horse-riding (it can also be trekking) we reach confluence of two upper water streams of Sazan river. The view on the northern slopes of the gorge is magnificent, the slope is covered with juniper forests and air is so crystal clear that your lungs will need time in order to adapt.

We will rest a little bit and move towards the left bank of Sazan river.
A group of petroglyphs is located 15 minutes walk from the glade on the left bank of the Sazan- ata river. If we are on horses then we can cross the river and see these petroglyphs.  Figures of animals are plotted on the flat side of black stones. Care must be taken when inspecting and taking photos of petroglyphs – scree stones are shaky and mobile.

Lunchboxes on the open valley which in spring is covered with red poppy flowers.

After lunch we trek another 2.5 km up to the Land ancestors not far from where we can refill our bottles of water and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the small waterfall.

Back to the guest house in Lenger. Dinner. Overnight .


Day 2

Sayram-Ugam Aksu canyon (trekking)

Breakfast in guest house

In the morning after breakfast, our guide will drive to Aksu canyon located close to Aksu-Zhabagly state nature reserve (c.1 hour by car). We will be driving out to see one of the deepest canyon in Central Asia.

The Aksu Canyon is a paleontological reserve with rock paintings. Fissure creates an unforgettable impression. This area is interesting for observing predatory birds: the golden eagle, the snake-eagle, the eagle-dwarf, the mound, the vulture, the sip, the griffon, the bearded man, the kestrel and others.

During the first stop we will observe canyon in location of closest approach to the steep banks of the river Aksu just half a meter. From there on we will descend to the river of Aksu, which takes approximately 1 hour 40 minutes.

Walking around the canyon, we will see an abundant flora of the Aksu canyon.. Pedestrian excursion along the path of the northern slope of the canyon (right bank, southern exposition) from the Aksu cordon to the bridge on the Aksu river. Observation old bridge was constructed in the beginning XX century also called Kara Ungir.

There is also an opportunity to see canyon Manash which is located in 12km distance from Aksu canyon, but due to the steep mountainous road it will take not less than 1.5 hour just one way. But it is worth of it because from Manash canyon opens a beautiful view on whole Aksu-canyon from above. (Optional)

Lunch during the trip.

Departure to either Shymkent or a guest house in Lenger.

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