1 day
May to September

Wildlife of Korgalzhyn nature reserve

In the middle of a regular nomadic steppe, 150 km from Astana city, you can observe a unique reserve in Central Asia – Korgalzhyn. The nature reserve consists more than 10 chains of lakes and included in Ramsar site. These lakes are the natural habitat variety of wild animals. More than 300 of species of birds, especially thousands of pink flamingos migrate from Africa to Korgalzhyn nature reserve in a period from May to August.
Talking about flamingos, the world’s largest northernmost breeding population of relict species of them was listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan.

In 2008 the territory of Korgalzhyn reserve was included in the World List of UNESCO Biosphere reserve.

What to to expect from this tour:

You will visit Korgalzhyn museum, where you will be informed about Korgalzhyn nature reserve. Moreover, will show installations, which you will interactively discover all the beauties of Korgalzhyn;
After museum we will drive to Korgalzhyn’s nature reserve’s restricted zone. There you will have a rare opportunity to see a variety relict species on thier beloved place. There you will see pink flamingos, pelicans and other birds up close in there natural habitat, might be during thier lunchtime on the lakes;
Then,  visit another co-routes to one of the largest Korgalzhyn’s lakes. During the tour you are going to see marvelous wildlife of Korgalzhyn nature. So be prepared to look at and take photos of pink flamingos, marmots, wolfs and maybe even saiga!

Flamingos live in the park in period of May to August, but still, the best moment to visit Korgalzhyn is between May and June, when a great variety of tulips blossom. Also saigas can be met more often in this period of time.

Lunch and dinner can be provided during the excursion.
Guide-ornitologist will accompany you in the whole trip.

Duration Whole day – 7 Hours
Season May to September
Location Korgalzhyn nature reserve, ~150 km from Astana.


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