4 hours
Whole year

Religious sightseeing of Astana

Kazakhstan has become a home not only for many people, but also for many religious movements. Here they live in peace among themselves all over the country. Astana is one of main cities where you can meet almost all the cult buildings of the religious world. In order to study closer all the beauties of Astana sightseeing religious constructions of the capital, we will take a small journey to visit them.

There are Synagogues, Orthodox and not only Catholic churches of course, Islamic ones, which are in architectural wise. These templates can be competed with anything in Central Asia

Duration 3-4 hours
Season Whole year

What to expect from this tour:
Our Religious Sightseeing of Astana includes the visit to an unique  places of the capital through the old and new part of the city.
During your journey through diverse neighborhoods, your tour guide will share the insider’s scoop on the rich history different religious centers, such as how they came to the steppe and the present role of religious attractions of Astana which have unexpected, interesting facts.
In this tour, you can explore religious sight up close, which harmoniously neighborhoods with postmodern and high tech style buildings.

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