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Breathtaking nature of Charyn Canyon – little brother of Grand Canyon

Charyn canyon tour takes place 230 km from Almaty city, on the territory of the Charyn National park.
Charon canyon among locals is known as a little brother of Grand Canyon because they look very similar but Charyn is smaller, 154 km long and 300 m deep. But not less beautiful!

Charyn Canyon consists of 5 different canyons: the Valley of Castles, the Temirlik Canyon, the Yellow Canyon (Lunar canyon), the Red Canyon and the Bestamak Canyon.

During this 1 day tour we will visit the most famous part of the Charyn – the Valley of Castles. People gave this name because  huge rocks of the Canyon with different shapes and forms look like arising fantastical towers. The Valley Castles stretches up to 2 km.

The route continues at the Yellow canyon which is also known as the Lunar canyon due to the similarity with the landscape of the moon. Another name of the Yellow canyon is the “Canyon of yurts”. You will understand why it is named so after trekking to the platform site from where opens a top view on the yellow landscape.  A truly spectacular sight!

If you are short in time, but want to take photos of something extraordinarily unique, enjoy trekking in the atmosphere of the true solitude like on a different planet , then this 1 day tour is for you.

Duration 1 day
Season Whole year
Route Almaty – Charyn canyon – Lunar canyon- Almaty

Price includes:

1. transportation
2. English speaking guide-driver
3. sightseeing tour according to the program
4. ecological fees in accordance with the program​​
​5. lunchbox and mineral water 1,5L p/p daily


Day 1

Early morning departure to Charyn canyon. The road to the canyon takes 4 hours. While driving, the guide-driver will tell the story of the creation of the Charyn canyon, there will be some short stops for photographing of the opening landscapes of the Tian-Shan mountains . Just upon the arrival to the Charyn canyon we can also make a stopover at a small bazaar and buy some freshly baked lepeska (bread) and some fruits. Although we still have our lunchboxes with us.

Our first stop is Valley of Castles to which we will actually descend and then walk approximately 2km enjoying the views of this “Medieval castles”. But in order to know for sure that these fantastical walls accept you we will pass through stone gates. Then continuing our route and taking photos at the Charyn river, it is here while listening to the birds signing you get an idea of eternity. During this tour, our Guide will tell you lots’ of legends associated with the canyon.

We continue our route by driving to the Yellow canyon. We will stop at the panoramic site of the Yellow canyon where you will understand why it is also called the “Canyon of yurts”. We will trek at the Yellow canyon for another hour while taking photos (definitely amazing) and then continue our route back to the Valley of Castles.

We will arrive to the Valley of Castles but from the right bank of the Charyn river. And right here, we will hike for a final batch of photos of amazing red towers, nature made 100m walls.  While standing on top of  the rock stone and below you is a landscape of the Valley of Castles, you will feel that you might be the only person on this planet.

Departure to Almaty (~212 km).

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