3 hours
Whole year

Astana Walking tour along “Millennium axis”

Astana walking tour will surprise you with its record holders:

  • the tallest buildings in Central Asia;
  • the most intricate forms;
  • the most amazing architectural solutions;

We will show you the best platform for taking astonishing photos.

During Astana walking tour we will have a walk along the Water -Green Boulevard. This boulevard also called – “Millennium Axis”

Astana is a city where the opportunities of modern architecture embodied. The main conception of building Astana is the symbiosis of urban life with nature. Also, in architecture you can feel the rationality of the West and the elegance of the East and the grandeur of Europe and the originality of Asia. Furthermore, in the construction of the city innovative methods of town planning art of the 21st century applied. World famous architects incarnated their best projects here. As a base for this idea was chosen the left bank of the Ishim River, which until recently was empty.
As a result, in a completely uninhabited area, where high steppe grass used to be, erected magnificent buildings of the new capital.

Duration 3 Hours
Season Whole year

What to to expect from this tour:

Astana walking tour allows you to discover exclusive new area of the city – called millennium axis which was set up in 21 century.

Our tour guide will lead you to the unique sightseeing of Astana and you will visit the top attractions like:

 – the Cathedral Mosque Hazrat Sultan;

 -the Palace of Peace and Accord in a form of Pyramid;

– the Independence Palace;

– Taxi lights by Norman Foster;

– Cabbage of renowned Italian architect Nicoletti Manfredi;

– Grand presents from Kuwait and Qatar

– The biggest in the world nomadic tent

 As you make your way through outstanding constructions of the city, you’ll learn their interesting backstories. Moreover, through colorful description of our Guide, you will be able to picture how Astana will look in 10 and 20 years.

Expect to be excited and astonished!

*German, Italian, Spanish, French and Chinese guides are also available

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June 17, 2017

I took my mom to this tour and it was wonderful day, we could see all the astonishing buildings and enjoy the beautiful weather of Astana. She was very happy and it made my day. Looking to try more tours,specially Mangistau trip.

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