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Astana Grand Tour

Would you like to see Astana from a bird’s eye view? Or find out where the richest collection of gold is stored in Kazakhstan? All this and even more you will see during the Astana Grand Tour.

“If something is worth doing, then it must be a thing which is considered to be impossible”. This famous quote belongs to well-known English writer Oscar Wilde. Why have we started our tour with such lyric words? Because, in our opinion, Astana exactly appeared because of this ‘impossible thing’ which came true. Astana is the city of contrasts, where you can feel modernity and history, vanity of the West and measured life of the East. Our city tour will give you an opportunity to look in the past and present of the capital,  also it will let you open the future of our city.

Astana grand tour starts from the right bank river of Ishim, where all historical buildings of the city gathered together. In this sightseeing tour, you find out where the largest collection of gold is stored, will see Astana from above. Also will be able to learn how different religions peacefully coexist and why more than 130 nationalities like living in Kazakhstan.

During the tour you will see:

  • 19th century building;
  • Presidential Center of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Religious churches including the only synagogue of the capital;
  • the largest cathedral mosque in Central Asia Hazret Sultan;
  • a Catholic church where in 2002 Pope John Paul II served;
  • The Palace of Peace of Harmony (pyramid);
  • The biggest tent in Central Asia and much more;
  • And also you will have the opportunity to see Astana from a bird’s eye view;

Don’t miss an opportunity to add a little romanticism to your travel to capital of Kazakhstan! Take sightseeing tour through the left bank of Ishim river in combination with 40-minute exciting boat trip

*German, Italian, Spanish and French guides are also available

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